Valentine's Day TOP 6

Published on January 27, 2021

Sales Representative Fanny

״For Valentine’s Day, and due to the actual situation in the world, you most probably won’t be able to go out to the restaurant or to see a movie. For all of those who wish to celebrate at home, those are my suggestions to create the perfect table and add a little bit of spice to the day! ״

Valentine’s Day will be more intimate than ever this year. At home in the comfort of our personal space, many options exist to put you in a romantic mood. Adding heart-shaped pics and ribbons to your flowers is a simple idea but impactful and can change a normal bouquet into a perfect Valentine gift. Add with it a nice hand-written note, a lot of love, and a home-made dinner or a picnic in the living room, to create the most memorable day for everyone.

Sales Representative Liane

“My favourite accessory for Valentine’s Day is Arrive Alive. It is the perfect wrapping solution. Rapid and very efficient for a dozen roses or all bouquet with big stems, like birds of paradise, ginger, etc. A must to make your life easier!”

Arrive Alive will hydrate flowers during transport for three to five days. It is a patented foam that keeps flowers beautiful without the need for a bucket or vase with water. It is therefore very user-friendly. Arrive Alive gives you the advantages of shipping flowers horizontally without the risk of water spillage. Florists can also offer Arrive Alive as an extra service to their customers: they can travel long distances or buy a bouquet a day early reassured that their flowers will arrive fresh.

Accessories and Flowers Buyer Carolina

“It really is an adorable and polyvalent accessory to gift to loved ones, no matter their age. It takes you away from the traditional teddy bears and makes it a gift that all will love, even kids.”

Different new models are available in our Valentine catalogue this year. They now have their rightful place next to your flower bouquet for this Holiday. A lot little add on that will charm many!

Accessories Buyer Manager Ariel

“My favourite accessory this season is the ivory satin preserved rose. It is a beautiful rose that changes from the red roses we often see on Valentine’s Day. It is pretty and delicate.”

This year is far from ordinary and why not embrace it by mixing traditional and new. Preserved roses are as romantic as can be and are offered in an array of colours and sizes giving you the perfect opportunity to create something fun and different.

General Manager Devin

“It is a great replacement for the traditional red rose given yearly. Here is something that you can give your spouse that conveys the expression of love whilst also being a great novelty that will be a reminder of all Valentine’s present, past and future.”

Red rose has always been the Queen of all flowers when it comes to Valentine’s Day. She represents love and unbounded passion. Normally offered as a fresh bouquet, why not twist tradition and give the gift of a long-term bloom with a preserved red rose. Floral arrangements made with preserved products will simplify your life on Valentine’s Day. Made in advance they are a quick sale for florists and a long-lasting product for the consumers. They will be able to revive their unique love and Valentine’s Day moments for a long time.

Marketing Manager Myriam

“So much fun to create dried, preserved or fresh floral arrangements with these frog picks! My heart was stolen by how easy they are to use, their weight and the sizes available. Floral foams are over for me for my day-to-day arrangements!”

A novelty from 2020, Frog Picks are great for all of those who want to integrate a more sustainable approach in their designs. It’s a great accessory to use on its own or in a combination with Sure-Stick or floral foam for bigger and heavier arrangements. It’s a great piece to have around at all time!